ALL ABOUT BUDDHISM iLEARNING (AABi) is not just an online course: it is a guided programme specifically designed to help you know the Dhamma thoroughly, practice it fully and share it generously with others.

AABi will not give you a Buddhist diploma or degree, but it will certainly help to energize a yearn to gain rich Dhamma knowledge on a sustainable, consistently organized way on a self-paced learning basis.

To this end, this project aims to set out designing a course that is suited to a time when eLearning has been made the “new normal” by the Coivd-19 pandemic. Here are five reasons we believe why AABi can really make a difference to Dhamma studies:

1) Robust, organized structure
2) Gradual approach - from theory to practice
3) From practice to sharing
4) Multi institutional support to Dhamma studies progress
5) In-course support with comprehensive cloud based Learning Management System