ALL ABOUT BUDDHISM iLEARNING (AABi) will not just bombard you with the theory, doctrines and facts, but also explores with you an important part: why you are doing what you are doing. The focus is on developing an intuitive *feel* for the concepts behind basic Buddhist teachings. The course lean towards replicating the spirit of "pariyapunati" [in Pali which means pari – all round, puna – again, pariyapunana – learning, studying], meaning to learn thoroughly.

The course starts off with the “big picture” (starting with the universe itself) and then progressively turning into “individual development”. The learning pedagogy follows that as prescribed by Buddha, i.e. pariyati (study), patipati (practice) and pativeda (realize). Below is an example of a course page:

The flow of the entire course is organized as follows:

• The Universe
• Life and the Realms of Existence
• Kamma
• Rebirth
• The Four Noble Truth

• Intellectual Training
-- Introduction
-- Perfect Understanding
• Ethical Training
-- Introduction
-- Perfect Thought
-- Perfect Speech
-- Perfect Action
-- Perfect Livelihood
-- The Ethics of Relationships
• Ethical Training
-- Devotional Practice
-- Perfect Effort
-- Perfect Mindfulness
-- Perfect Concentration
-- Meditation Practice

• The Three Refuges
• Stages of the Path
• The Life of Buddha
• Legends of the Buddha

• Introduction
• The Early History of Buddhist Literature
• The Tipitaka

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