Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to have a good level in Buddhism to understand this course?
No prerequisites are required for any student of this course. However, the methods advocated in this course require personal commitment and discipline, as it bears more to individual training rather than mass learning as advocated by modern education systems.

Do I need prior knowledge or experience in Buddhism?
None whatsoever. Come in like a blank page. You go through this course to discover not only Buddhism, but to also discover yourself. The benefits from hearing the Dhamma has been listed in the Anguttara Nikaya as 1) One hears things not heard before, 2) One clarifies things one has heard, 3) One dispels one’s doubts, 4) One makes straight one’s views and 5) One’s mind becomes clear and inspired. (A 3: 248)

Do I have to pay to attend this course?
Once developed, ALL ABOUT BUDDHISM iLEARNING (AABi) will be offered free of charge to any interested learner. There are no fees involved. The system shall be maintained in perpetuity by the Buddhist Channel, which has a track record as a technology provider for the dissemination of Buddhism information and knowledge since 2001. The system’s initial development will be borne via donation from supporters. All donor names will be listed in perpetuity as “Dhamma Dana”.

What happens if I am stuck at some point in the course, if I don’t understand something?
If you are stuck at some point in the course, whether it is a problem or something that you don’t understand, feel free to ask a question in the Q&A and someone from the Buddhist Channel team will reply to you usually within 24 hours.

What kind of computer will I need for this course?
Just a computer that is not from 20 years ago.

Is this course timed or can I approach it at my own pace?
Course is completely self-paced and with the benefit of lifetime access you can go through it as quickly or as gradually as you like. Feel free to approach the tutorials with the learning style that is most comfortable and convenient for you!

When will the course begin?
We plan to launch ALL ABOUT BUDDHISM iLEARNING (AABi) by 14 November 2020. We are currently engaged in the following activities:

• Scanning the texts from the "All About Buddhism" book and rediting them for eLearning format
• Planning the setup of the Learning Management System
• Graphics and layout design of the various modules
• Establishing Open Badges for selected modules and for the entire course

Interesting things about All About Buddhism

• Course material is written by Bhante Sarvasti Dhammika, based on his book “All About Buddhism: A Modern Introduction to An Ancient Spiritual Tradition” (1990).
• The original All About Buddhism was written as a textbook, with the content divided into numbered sections, and each section dealing with a specific subject. That is why it so easily transfers into an eLearning platform.
• Sources of the text are from the Pali Tipitaka or from Buddhist classical literature, sources closest to the original Buddha’s teachings.
• Course content were developed by a practitioner monk who simply “wants to know and practice the Dhamma.” The materials are therefore prepared in simple, clear language, and suitable for learners with English as a second language.

About the Course Content Developer, Bhante Sarvasti Dhammika

Bhante Shravasti Dhammika is a Australian born monk who has dedicated his life to teaching and studying Buddhism for the past 40 years. Born in Australia in 1951 into a Christian family and converted to Buddhism at the age of 18, Bhante Dhammika went to Thailand in 1973 with the intention of becoming a monk and from there to Laos, Burma and finally to India. For the next three years, he traveled around India learning yoga and meditation and finally ordained under Venerable Matiwella Sangharatna, the last disciple of Anagarika Dharmapala. In 1976 he went to Sri Lanka where he studied Pali at Sri Lanka Vidyalaya and later became one of the co-founders of the Nilambe Meditation Centre and one of its teachers. He has spent most of his time in Sri Lanka and Singapore.

He currently resides in Australia where he is cherishing his time in solitude. During this time, he intends to commit to research and publication of new materials, one major work being the life of the Buddha as described in the Tipitaka. For the last 40 years, Bhante Dhammika had written over 25 books and scores of articles on Buddhism and related subjects. His most popular books are "Middle Land, Middle Way" and "Good Questions, Good Answers".

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