If you are just starting out into learning Buddhism, then you will find this course extremely useful. ALL ABOUT BUDDHISM iLEARNING (AABi) is structured around understanding effective learning approaches meaning that you won't get bogged down in unnecessary doctrinal or theological complexities and instead you will be applying learning techniques from very early on in the course.

The language used in the course materials is “lay person friendly” and the use of jargon or scholarly terminologies are very minimal. You will build your knowledge from the ground up and you will see how with every tutorial you are getting more and more confident.

If you already have experience with Buddhism, you will find this course refreshing, inspiring and very practical. Inside ALL ABOUT BUDDHISM iLEARNING (AABi) you will go through a course refresher and through this course you will gain an immense amount of valuable hands-on experience with real-world social and personal challenges. Plus, inside you will find inspiration to explore new insights and understanding.

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